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Article in Tribune/Montclairian about local history exhibits

Contra Costa times / Montclairian

Go to Court, Learn about local history?

That' right.  Thanks to an innovative program started by Hon. Judge Breyer of the U.S. District Courts' 9th District in San Francisco, their jury room rooms, public corridors and selected chambers areas are adorned with restored historical photographs with educational narratives telling colorful stories of Bay Area History.   The project began in 2002, and culminated this summer with the an installation covering three floors of the Oakland Federal building featuring Oakland, Alameda and Contra Costa County history.  Lawyers, their clients, jurors, and visitors will learn about the transcontinental railroad, the Key system, University of Berkeley, development of agriculture, coal, logging and other industries, dynamite in Hercules, the "Detroit of the West", Liberty Ships, the Cyclotron, Lake Merritt, waterfront development, water systems, bridges, tunnels, warships, the Mission system and even Charlie Chaplin in Niles.

The program is located in the Bay Area's primary Federal Buildings, Clay Street Oakland, 2nd Street San Jose and 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco - showcasing a total of nearly 1,000 framed photographs.  Each photograph was digitally restored from vintage materials from dozens of sources.  Each view includes a caption and story illuminating aspects of our local heritage, providing an education experience with the Court experience.  THe program was designed and produced by San Francisco photographer and artist, Bennett Hall and Helen Rischbieth of Business image Group, who worked in concert with the US District Court Judges in their respective areas, Hon. Judge Breyer, San Francisco, Hon. Judge Lloyd and Hon. Judge Seeborg, San Jose, and Hon. Judge Jensen in Oakland.  Production was all done locally, including custom framing made in their San Francisco shop Eco Framing, the latest project employing U.S. grown and manufactured solid Cherry wood frame moulding made using FSC certified methods.   An emphasis of producing this project in most 'carbon neutral manner possible was combined with using materials that were all made in America - two fundamentals advocated by Hall and Rischbieth's company.
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US District Courts, San Francisco Bay Area • Community History exhibits, 2002-2010

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