Monday, June 21, 2010

History shows Oakland Political problems are over 150 years old

A History of Corruption in Oakland Politics

1854: Oakland incorporated and Horace W. Carpentier elected the first mayor; his 364 votes out-numbered the voting population of the town. ( hmmmm interesting point!)

Thirteen days later, Mayor Carpentier obtains exclusive use of the Waterfront for a period of thirty years.

1855: In reaction to Carpentier's land grab, he is expelled from office. A lengthy court battle ensues over ownership of the Waterfront.

1868: The possibility that Oakland might be selected as the western terminus for the transcontinental railroad brings the dispute with Carpentier to a head. Carpentier agrees to deed his rights to the Oakland Waterfront Company. Later it is learned that Carpentier is President of the Oakland Waterfront Company!

Is there something in the water?

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